GI Joe Search and Rescue Mission

Help Families With Missing Loved Ones
G.I. Joe Search & Rescue provides assistance & resources to local authorities and families with missing loved ones.


Search & Rescue Volunteers

We are a self-activating team of search & rescue volunteers, and we respond when notified of an emergency rescue or recovery mission.


Training and Education

We strive to prevent and assist in emergency rescue situations by 1) preparing and training ourselves with survival and SAR techniques, and 2) educating the public on safety and survival techniques.

 Since 2009 Land Ops has been conducting training drills involving off road search teams and emergency communications. In June 2016 Land Ops signed a memorandum of understanding with GI Joe Search and Rescue (GIJSAR) to conduct joint training exercises and build up our operational strength together. Boots on the Ground
GIJSAR are the boots on the ground when it comes to searching for those who have gone missing, but sometimes the search area is remote and difficult to access. This is where Land Ops comes in. Land Ops Mechanized Support
Land Ops serves GIJSAR as the 4x4 insertion and support team to help get the "Joes" into rough regions. The searchers are embedded within off road capable vehicles. Emergency Communications (a.k.a. Emcomm) Land Ops also establishes vital communication links for the search operations and has a resource of proficient emcomm ham radio operators.

Wheels Down For
Boots On The Ground


How search and rescue personnel get to their sectors? One way is by vehicle. However, what if the road is just too rough?


From Jeeps to FJ Cruisers, Hummers and Land Rovers, all are off road capable, but when you upgrade these vehicles with beefed up suspensions and high tech communications you have a roving suppoprt center.


This operation (pictured) has 2 inside (in addition to the driver) and 7 on the rails. Nine full packs and ready to go.


Comms Up

In addition to this principle of mechanized support and team insertion, Land Ops sets up a communication network to support searchers and monitor their progress and well being.


The amateur radio aspect of Land Ops plays a vital role in both private and public search and rescue organizations. Land Ops work hand in hand with GI Joe Search and Rescue to provide these two basic services.

1. Mechanized support and insertion
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